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Invest in the opportunities of digital assets. With us, it’s easy, safe, and understandable. We bring digital assets into your investment portfolio with regulated investment products and personal service.

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Kvarn was established from the need to diversify wealth in digital assets via traditional regulated investment products. From investor to investor, we make the digital assets space easy to understand and invest in.

Investing in digital assets is an investment in a rapidly developing industry and its technology. Our task is to help you understand the value creation, risks, and growth drivers of the industry. When an industry grows rapidly, the value of tomorrow is created today.


Our professional investment solutions for Digital Assets enable an efficient yet familiar exposure to a new asset class.

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The exponential growth in the number of cryptocurrency users has exceeded the comparable growth rate of the Internet. The blockchain industry’s innovations are accelerating a wider technological breakthrough and value creation in which investors also want to be involved.
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We help you understand the rapidly developing industry to support informed long-term investment decisions. We make knowledge, professional partners, and reliable service providers of the industry at your disposal
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The rapid development of legislation has stabilised the industry and lowered the threshold for investors to take part in the industry. Reliability, transparency, and regulatory compliance are the cornerstones of everything we do.


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Interesting information about the latest news of digital assets and Kvarn’s investment solutions.



Diversify into digital assets

Our sector fund aimed at professional investors enables effective industry diversification through an alternative investment fund – in a high-quality and regulated manner.

As a regulated manager of alternative investment funds (AIFs), we meet the financial industry’s risk management, reporting, and reliability requirements. Our operations are supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA).

The minimum subscription of our currently open fund is €100,000.


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