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We bring the opportunities of fast-developing digital assets to our clients’ alternative investment strategy in an understandable and regulated manner.

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The story of Kvarn

From investors to investors

The story of Kvarn began when a group of investors with an entrepreneurial background became interested in the rapid growth of digital assets and wanted to understand the drivers behind the phenomenon. Investments in the sector by well-known financial institutions, venture capitalists, and technology companies sparked the initiation of our own investment activities in the industry. As no ready-made investment solutions were available in the Nordics that met the criteria of professional investors, we started to invest in digital assets through our own investment company.

Along with our own investment activities, the idea arose of serving other investors with the same needs by building a Nordic asset management house that focused on digital assets. We founded Kvarn and gathered a team of professionals with experience in both the traditional financial industry and expertise in digital assets.


Kvarn isn’t just a name

Kvarn is the Swedish for mill. In the old days, a mill was a significant technological innovation in agricultural society. It harnessed the power of wind and water to grind grain on an industrial scale. In the history of mankind, mills have been part of a long chain of technological breakthroughs that have typically made various processes faster and more efficient.

Kvarn is connected through digital assets to a wider technological breakthrough that accelerates, enhances, and verifies processes through thousands of different applications in dozens of different industries.


Kvarn is a visionary pioneer, enabler, and door opener

New investment opportunities open a fascinating world in which successful navigation requires a competent guide. We identify opportunities, set a goal, and make it tangible. We unwind the unknown into something understandable and bring its investment solutions within the scope of Nordic regulation.

The value created for the customer gives our company the right to exist. Like a digital age mill, we grind returns for our customers. We have a desire to learn, understand, and serve. Investor for investor, entrepreneur for entrepreneur, professional for professional. Your way and for you. Our operations are guided by honesty, integrity, and long-term partnership.


This is how we work

We are honest, genuine, and reliable. What we do is guided by openness and transparency. We take responsibility for our work and act visibly with our own face and name.
We work hard, but we work smart. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. We listen to our customers and earn our position with our customer-oriented service and value-adding products.
We are passionate pioneers. We boldly look for something new and build success together. All members of our team play an important role in creating our customers’ success.


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